The Practice: Shipping Creative Work Summary Sketchnote

Sketch of the title and Seth Godin

A fan of Seth’s and looking for the skinny before pulling the trigger? I’ve got you covered in this summary of Seth Godin’s, The Practice: Shipping Creative Work. This post honours the content with limited commentary and opinion. I do, however, make links to other texts throughout the summary. To help consolidate my understanding, I like to draw sketchnotes that serve as shortcuts to the main ideas. You can find the completed sketchnote at the end of the post. This book is geared towards creatives who are either starving or selling out. Seth reminds us that a practice is merely …

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Neil Strauss Sketchnote from Tools of Titans

Neil is one of Tim’s good mates. He appeared as a guinea pig in Tim’s book 4-Hour Body. He’s the author of 8 New York Times best sellers and has edited for high profile magazines such as Rolling Stone. I’ve gone for a different flavour here. In terms of my recall, I’m trying to limit one bit of information per card as it makes it a little easier. Of course, this eats into production time but I’m going for a simple cue then response. I can see that eventually I’ll tire of creating more cards, so I’ll improve my visual …

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