B.J. Novak Sketchnote from Tools of Titans

BJ Novak is a former writer of the American Office show. He is also the author of the One More Thing short story series. On the podcast he spoke about a list app called li.st. Googling has told me that it was rebranded to Kiyo, but I’m not having much love with it here in Australia. How To Use Systems To Push Through Fear Of Failure I’m going to make a rhyming link with Novak and Evacuation. Evacuation means to abandon or leave a situation and that’s what Novak did after his first standup appearance which he said was terrible. …

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Scott Adams the Creator of Dilbert Sketchnote

⁃ six dimension of humour: naughty, clever, cute, bizarre, mean, recognisable. Use 3 and you’re on a winner. ⁃ Systems over goals because you acquire transferable skills and succeed over time. ⁃ Affirmation work because of link to reticular Activating System ⁃ Trump is a great hypnotist. Take an anchor ppl recognise and associates that to hose down detractors. ⁃ Check your facts! ⁃ Notice your bodily reactions as confirmation of a creative endeavour. ⁃ Strive to be in the top 75% of 3-5 skills. The combination of those skills leads to a unique proposition.