Think and Grow Rich Summary Sketchnote

This Think and Grow Rich summary sketchnote utilised the notes of the service. I’ve attempted to synthesise Hill’s main points with other content I’ve come across in recent times. Included in each section are links to this other high-performers and some questions that you can ask yourself. 1. Desire: How to Create The Desire to Change Desire. It can be a little dirty word at times. Often associated with craving and bad intentions. But to start any kind of change from within, one must have compelling reasons to change. This boils down to desire. In Personal Power II, Tony …

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Unreasonable Success and How to Achieve It Summary Sketchnote

Keen to get the skinny on Richard Koch’s latest book that aims to chart a map of success? Below I’ve listed each of the 9 landmarks that he discovered while analysing 20 key historical figures and made some brief comments on each. So let’s get started with the Unreasonable Success and How to Achieve It Summary. The Importance of Self Belief Koch defines self-belief as “defining self as special and important.” I make comparisons here to self-worth. Koch suggests that self-belief has an element of destiny to it. I regard this as self-efficacy. In other words, the belief in oneself …

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Scott Adams the Creator of Dilbert Sketchnote

⁃ six dimension of humour: naughty, clever, cute, bizarre, mean, recognisable. Use 3 and you’re on a winner. ⁃ Systems over goals because you acquire transferable skills and succeed over time. ⁃ Affirmation work because of link to reticular Activating System ⁃ Trump is a great hypnotist. Take an anchor ppl recognise and associates that to hose down detractors. ⁃ Check your facts! ⁃ Notice your bodily reactions as confirmation of a creative endeavour. ⁃ Strive to be in the top 75% of 3-5 skills. The combination of those skills leads to a unique proposition.