The Practice: Shipping Creative Work Summary Sketchnote

Sketch of the title and Seth Godin

A fan of Seth’s and looking for the skinny before pulling the trigger? I’ve got you covered in this summary of Seth Godin’s, The Practice: Shipping Creative Work. This post honours the content with limited commentary and opinion. I do, however, make links to other texts throughout the summary. To help consolidate my understanding, I like to draw sketchnotes that serve as shortcuts to the main ideas. You can find the completed sketchnote at the end of the post. This book is geared towards creatives who are either starving or selling out. Seth reminds us that a practice is merely …

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Unreasonable Success and How to Achieve It Summary Sketchnote

Keen to get the skinny on Richard Koch’s latest book that aims to chart a map of success? Below I’ve listed each of the 9 landmarks that he discovered while analysing 20 key historical figures and made some brief comments on each. So let’s get started with the Unreasonable Success and How to Achieve It Summary. The Importance of Self Belief Koch defines self-belief as “defining self as special and important.” I make comparisons here to self-worth. Koch suggests that self-belief has an element of destiny to it. I regard this as self-efficacy. In other words, the belief in oneself …

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