The Most Confronting Haircut I’ve Ever Had

Sometimes, you get what you need and not what you want. That happened to me today as I booked in a cut with a barber. I’ve been thinking about business of late and how the product or service is actually how you feel when you walk out the door. Having worked at a barbershop before as a barista (yep, you read that right), I knew that people get cuts to feel a sense of confidence among other positive feelings when they walk out its door. So that’s what I thought I was booking myself in for this afternoon: confidence and …

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Scott Adams the Creator of Dilbert Sketchnote

⁃ six dimension of humour: naughty, clever, cute, bizarre, mean, recognisable. Use 3 and you’re on a winner. ⁃ Systems over goals because you acquire transferable skills and succeed over time. ⁃ Affirmation work because of link to reticular Activating System ⁃ Trump is a great hypnotist. Take an anchor ppl recognise and associates that to hose down detractors. ⁃ Check your facts! ⁃ Notice your bodily reactions as confirmation of a creative endeavour. ⁃ Strive to be in the top 75% of 3-5 skills. The combination of those skills leads to a unique proposition.