The Practice: Shipping Creative Work Summary Sketchnote

Sketch of the title and Seth Godin

A fan of Seth’s and looking for the skinny before pulling the trigger? I’ve got you covered in this summary of Seth Godin’s, The Practice: Shipping Creative Work. This post honours the content with limited commentary and opinion. I do, however, make links to other texts throughout the summary. To help consolidate my understanding, I like to draw sketchnotes that serve as shortcuts to the main ideas. You can find the completed sketchnote at the end of the post. This book is geared towards creatives who are either starving or selling out. Seth reminds us that a practice is merely …

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Think and Grow Rich Summary Sketchnote

This Think and Grow Rich summary sketchnote utilised the notes of the service. I’ve attempted to synthesise Hill’s main points with other content I’ve come across in recent times. Included in each section are links to this other high-performers and some questions that you can ask yourself. 1. Desire: How to Create The Desire to Change Desire. It can be a little dirty word at times. Often associated with craving and bad intentions. But to start any kind of change from within, one must have compelling reasons to change. This boils down to desire. In Personal Power II, Tony …

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B.J. Novak Sketchnote from Tools of Titans

BJ Novak is a former writer of the American Office show. He is also the author of the One More Thing short story series. On the podcast he spoke about a list app called Googling has told me that it was rebranded to Kiyo, but I’m not having much love with it here in Australia. How To Use Systems To Push Through Fear Of Failure I’m going to make a rhyming link with Novak and Evacuation. Evacuation means to abandon or leave a situation and that’s what Novak did after his first standup appearance which he said was terrible. …

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