Alex Blumberg Sketchnote from Tools of Titans

Alex worked as a producer on the This American life podcast. Alex suggest to ask the dumb questions that everyone is afraid to ask. Alex sees views editing as his superpower and has worked tirelessly to answer the question “What makes good tape?” He mentioned that he hasn’t always been someone who strives for excellence and this was something that he learnt from working under high-performing people. To tell a good story, you need these three elements: setting, emotions and details. This is true for audio. Tv is a different ballgame. Questions for setting: Tell me about a time when… …

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Scott Adams the Creator of Dilbert Sketchnote

⁃ six dimension of humour: naughty, clever, cute, bizarre, mean, recognisable. Use 3 and you’re on a winner. ⁃ Systems over goals because you acquire transferable skills and succeed over time. ⁃ Affirmation work because of link to reticular Activating System ⁃ Trump is a great hypnotist. Take an anchor ppl recognise and associates that to hose down detractors. ⁃ Check your facts! ⁃ Notice your bodily reactions as confirmation of a creative endeavour. ⁃ Strive to be in the top 75% of 3-5 skills. The combination of those skills leads to a unique proposition.